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Georgia born singer-songwriter and roots-rock artist Cody Marlowe found his inspiration at an early age in the soulful sounds of B.B. King, Merle Haggard, and the Allman Brothers. Marlowe’s songs explore the polarities of good and evil in an intriguing blend of lyrics featuring lost loves and hopeful musings. His most recent album, “Silver and Gold,” is his third release since his first EP, “Where You Are,” released in 2010 and his first full length, “Eighty Nine,” released in 2011. For the new album, Marlowe teamed up with brothers, producer/drummer Kevin Sellors and bass player Ryan Sellors, to form his new back-up band the Dead Flowers. During the recording process, Marlowe recruited Joey Huffman on organ (Hank Jr., Matchbox 20) and Nathan Bedingfield on electric guitar (Aaron Shust). “Silver and Gold” is a return to the roots of rock n roll, country, blues, and honest songwriting; reminiscent of Tom Petty and the Black Crowes but with a modern edge inspired by childhood in the 90’s. Expect this album to earn respect from the musicians of the past while stretching the musical paradigm of a younger generation




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Silver and Gold

by Cody Marlowe and the Dead Flowers

Songs For Your Television

Starting in 2013, producer Kevin Sellors and Cody Marlowe began writing and producing songs for television placements. This EP entitled "Songs For Your Television" contains six of those songs, four original tunes and two public domain classics featuring their personal interpretation. Head Held High is featured on the TLC aired program "Welcome to Myrtle Manor." Rockin' Robin and Nobody Knows You were both used in independent short-films by Oakey Productions.

Album Credits

Tricks Out of Love Cody Marlowe (guitars, harmonica, vocals) Kevin Sellors (guitars) Ryan Sellors (Bass) Zach Wheeler (drums) Joey Huffman (Keys)

The Wind (written by Cody Marlowe and Joel Hoffman) Cody Marlowe (guitars, vocals) Kevin Sellors (guitars) Ryan Sellors (Bass) Zach Wheeler (drums) Katie Marlowe (vocals)

Head Held High Cody Marlowe (vocals, keys) Kevin Sellors (drums, bass)

Baby Be Good Cody Marlowe (vocals, keys) Kevin Sellors (drums, bass, guitars, vocals)

Rockin Robin Cody Marlowe (vocals, keys, guitars) Kevin Sellors (drums) Ryan Sellors (Bass)

Nobody Knows You Cody Marlowe (guitars, vocals) Kevin Sellors (drums) Ryan Sellors (Bass)

All songs mixed and engineered by Kevin Sellors in The Vault Recording Lounge of Maretta, GA. Tricks Out of Love and The Wind mastered by Glenn Schick. Artwork provided by Stephen Oakey and Thomas Streck.





Live From The Vault

by Cody Marlowe