Cody Marlowe

songwriter / producer / musician

Local Artists Spotlight Series

Thanks for the kind words April! 

April Rooks Entertainment is a proud supporter of our local music scene in North Georgia. Follow my blog for more amazing artists to follow in our Local Artists Spotlight Series.

Local artists like Cody Marlowe are a remarkable reflection of our North Georgia community of Singer, Songwriters. The last fifteen years Cody has been pouring his heart into his music passion touring regionally and making an impact in the lives of his audiences and fans. I have never seen Cody's live show but, after being introduced to his music by a friend who is a huge music aficionado I am a fan. 

Listening to his 2013 release, Silver and Gold, I can hear the influence of Tom Petty with a new fresh energy taking us back to the roots of country, blues and rock. Cody says he is inspired by the lack of  real music is the world today. In an era of auto-tune, programmed and over produced radio plays, Cody hopes to "push music listeners further into the realm of genuine music." 

Cody grew up in Clermont, Georgia in a musical family of singers, guitarists and piano players. And, like many of us raised in the Bible Belt he began singing and playing music in church. At the impressive age of five, he started piano lessons and at ten started picking the guitar. By the age of fifteen sports took a backseat to music. There are those select musical prodigies that can play multiple instruments that other musicians intensely envy but also admire. Yes, Cody is one of those exceptionally talented souls that plays acoustic and electric guitar, piano, organ, bass guitar, drums and harmonica. He also writes some amazing songs. 

Anyone who has played music long enough has some funny and often wild stories to share from time on the road or even playing local drinking holes. Cody has an interesting story from when he and his band opened for Eddie Money. When the band got to the venue, the manager told them they weren't going to get the cut of the tickets they sold. After what I assume was a heated disagreement, Cody and the band decided to play the show regardless but later threw beer bottles at the venue's wall in a little Rock-N-Roller revenge. And, surprisingly, they never even got to meet Eddie Money. 

Cody is a local musician with a world class gift. His ability to tell a story and stay true to the realness of the music is a beautiful thing. Check out Cody's latest EP, Songs For Your Television and you can hear his single, Paralyzing on Spotify and at


What do you believe is the best song ever written?

You Don't Know How It Feels by Tom Petty

Do you get nervous before a performance?

I've only been nervous one time before performing. It was before I sang the National Anthem at the Gwinnett Arena. I was nervous I'd forget the words plus I didn't have Rose (my guitar) with me. I had to rely strictly on my vocals.

What is your favorite food?

I love seafood. Get me a shrimp po-boy any day of the week.

By: April Rooks